• World's first closed-end fund to specialize in cryptocurrencies created as a part of The Decentralized Anonymous State (DAS).
  • World's first cryptocurrency fund to trade as a crypto-asset (symbol:ABC) on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Momentum-oriented investment strategy utilizing automated crypto-portfolio robots, that opportunistically seek to identify upward trending coins across the globe.
  • Autonomously managed growth fueled by debt free fund total increases.
  • Global diversification offers an expanded opportunity set and enhanced total increase potential with low overhead operating as the world's first traded Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC) registered in the Decentralized Anonymous State (www.DASGOV.io).

Investment Strategy

The fund invests 100% in cryptocurrencies.

The fund may also opportunistically acquire cryptocurrencies through exchanges of ABC for those coins. The fund does not use leverage, is debt free and provides complete public transparency of all assets and liabilities.

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